Are you a parent that is concerned about their children’s health and weight?

" It’s Time to Slay the Beast of Childhood Obesity "

This book teaches the techniques you need to understand the importance of fitness.

Fighting Childhood Obesity

  • Say Goodbye to Childhood Obesity
  • No more fad diets
  • Teach your kids how to be active for life
  • Resources inside help keep track of your goals
  • Learn the Essential foods your kids need

After reading this book, you can say good-bye to dieting.

You won’t need to depend on diet fads anymore.

You will understand what it means to get active and stay active for life.

This book will show you how!

Wondering What is Inside?

  • Chapter 1- Understanding the Importance of proper nutrition and fitness
  • Chapter 2- Exercise Essentials
  • Chapter 3- Kids and weight training
  • Chapter 4- Food Essentials
  • Chapter 5- Fitness routines and Exercise for Kids
  • Chapter 6 - Pop Consumption Danger!
  • Chapter 7 - Exercise for children under age six
  • Chapter 8 - Fitness in Action

Resources inside this book!

  • Goals Chart
  • Calories Burned per hour Chart
  • Strength Training Worksheet
  • Activity Worksheet
  • Coloring and Activity Sheets
  • Fun Recipes for Healthy Living

As a fitness professional, I hear from parents who are frustrated and discouraged by the many

diets, exercise equipment and techniques, not knowing what is best for their children to stay

healthy or to lose weight.

But you no longer have to worry!

"The 'Fighting Childhood Obesity' E-book is here to assist parents seeking enjoyable ways to get their kids active, whether it's through family adventures or school-based activities. If you're a parent unsure of how to guide your children toward fun and fitness, this book offers strategies to conquer the lure of video games, TV, and sedentary habits, ensuring your kids lead vibrant, healthy lives."

Our methods at Fitness and Kids are basic tools not only help children of all ages learn to have fun

during physical activity, but also help parents know how to help their children.

But one thing is for sure: The more time you focus on physical activity and incorporate fitness

into your family activities, the easier it will become, especially if you make fitness fun and do it regularly.

You’ll find that regular fitness is fun, improves your health, and your overall quality of life. Share your

fitness goals with family and friends.

These methods in Fighting Childhood Obesity have helped many other parents

and kids enjoy a healthier and fit life. If you take the time and energy to learn and use physical activity in

your life, you, too, can enjoy the results.

How to introduce healthy eating habits for teenagers?

To help teenagers develop healthy eating habits, it is important to provide them with education, support, and positive reinforcement.

What is the role of parents in ensuring adequate nutrition?

Parents play a vital role in ensuring kids' nutrition through a positive food environment, modeling healthy choices, and monitoring balanced diets, portion sizes, and meal regularity.

Why is staying hydrated equally important as healthy eating?

Staying hydrated is crucial for kids and teens, supporting cognitive function, digestion, and overall well-being.

How to implement an exercise routine & find the right support system.

Create a teen-friendly exercise routine by choosing activities aligned with their interests, incorporating variety, and setting realistic goals. Establish a supportive environment through sports teams, family involvement, or a fitness coach, emphasizing the importance of consistency for long-term success.

Do you feel like your teen is suffering through various problems like sleeping issues and behavioral symptoms?

Unhealthy eating can contribute to various problems in teens, including sleeping issues and behavioral symptoms. Ensuring a balanced diet, open communication, and seeking professional guidance can help address these concerns and promote overall well-being.

Is your child facing constant digestive issues?

Persistent digestive issues in your child may stem from dietary habits. Ensure a balanced diet with fiber-rich foods, monitor hydration, and encourage regular physical activity. If problems persist, consult a healthcare professional for guidance and to rule out underlying issues.

It's time to Fight

Childhood Obesity and give life back

to your kids!

Childhood Obesity is now affecting 1 in 4 children, and according to Dr. Dean Ornish of “Dr. Dean Ornish’s

Program for Reversing Heart Disease,” young children are already developing blockages in their arteries,

due to the American Diet. This trend will continue to get worse, if we as parents and educators

don’t start to do something about it-and fast.